Raspberry – Rock Crawler – prebuild

Here is the new raspberry experiment based on a cheap Rock-Crawler. My first experiment with a vehicle build on a tank (you know) had problems with a weak motor shield.

So i started a new experiment based on a cheap (35€) remote controlled Rock-Crawler from Real with front and heck motor. I added a more powerful battery (18€) and stronger absorber (4*2,33€ – Nr. 6083112) not only for fun but also 😉


At the end the vehicle will transport a battery for motor and one for the raspberry, a motor shield, webcam and w-lan module. This pre build version is for research and preparation.

The first step was to mount a new battery for more speed and stabilization of the absorber by replacing the springs. For balance reasons you can cutoff some rods from the chassis and center the battery.



The Battery is a little oversized but works most the time with the pre installed micro controller.


Raspberry – Rock Crawler – preview

In the later version the remote control will be replaced by raspberry b+ and a motor shield, then it fits perfect the tech specs. Hardware and software setup is almost complete. The motor battery will be placed at the bottom.

I will write a more detailed article about the engineering of hard- and software if the “Raspberry – Rock Crawler” runs well. Here are some impressions: