What is Nodebox

Nodebox is more then just one thing. Nodebox is a program collection consisting of a
Nodebox-Client and of a Nodebox-Server. It was my Bachelor study.

And what does the Nodebox program collection do

The Nodebox program collection helps you and your friends to synchronize your files. But there is more.
You can easily use your existent dropbox account to share your files or you choose an other supported storage provider
with the advantage that you have to use only one client, the Nodebox-Client.

And what is the Nodebox-Client

The Nodebox-Client is an Adobe Air program that runs under several operating systems and brings you in the position to share files with your preferred storage hoster.
And that all with only one client. The Nodebox-Client.

And what is the Nodebox-Server

The Nodebox-Server is an alternative for commercial storage hoster. You can be the storage hoster with all advantages and disadvantages.
Then you dont have to worry about the transfer volumes, security or availability issues the commercial hoster have.
The Server.

And what can I do for the Nodebox program collection

You can extend the functionality of the Nodebox-Client or the Nodebox-Server.
You also can extend the list of the supported storage provider.
So come in and help to develop a flexible and synchronized future.

nodebox server

nodebox code