The quick and easy way to develop modern and fast static websites a.k.a Easy-Website-Generator =)


  • css styling with sass and pre build helpers
  • javascript development with coffee
  • html templating with a hacked haml-coffee
  • custom and predefined haml helpers via nodeJs modules
  • site map generation
  • google analytics
  • twitter and opengraph tags



First you need to install nodeJs. Then in your terminal:

npm install -g easy-website-generator coffee-script bower gulp

mkdir my-workspace

cd my-workspace

ewg init --theme simple

ewg serve

After running “ewg serve” the ewg will compile the html pages and opens a browser. On every source change the browser will reload.

Available themes at the moment: all, simple, wordpress, bootstrap-standalone. Many are planned github.com/easy-websites – help creating them =)